Trust & Safety

When staying in a room or hotel room. The safe isn't just the only place where you want to leave your valuables with. Always have a photocopy of your driver license, passports and necessary travel documents, insurance etc. Always stay alert with terrorism, natural disaster news that will impact your location. If you are travelling with children, keep them close to you. If there is a need to purchase IOT tagging device to make sure they are within distance and always keep your precious belonging safe with you.

While uber taxi or grab cab shared services are common and easily available. Always make sure you look out for the driver's license, remember the license plate and car model. If possible, take public traceable transports rather than shared services. Be responsible for your journey, yourself and travel mates.

Emergency medical travel kit is a great to have if you could afford just a little more room as it will not take up much space. Always get a location card of your lodging place or digital map it with always  operating cell phone with you.